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Related Programs for Pregnant and Postpartum TennCare Members

Within TennCare, there are a variety of programs that may support pregnant and postpartum members. For further information on each program, refer to the information and links below.

Tennessee Health Link

The primary objective of Tennessee Health Link is to coordinate health care services for TennCare members with the highest behavioral health needs. Health Link providers commit to providing comprehensive care management, care coordination, referrals to social supports, member and family support, transitional care, health promotion, and population health management.

Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH)

Patient Centered Medical Homes are a comprehensive care delivery model designed to improve the quality of primary care services for TennCare members, the capabilities of and practice standards of primary care providers, and the overall value of health care delivered to the TennCare population. Looking for your patient’s primary care provider? Find it using TennCare Online Services.

Episodes of Care

The Episodes of Care program rewards high-quality care encourages provider coordination, and disincentivizes ineffective and/or inappropriate care. The perinatal episode of care is triggered by the birth of a live infant and encompasses all pregnancy related care including prenatal visits, lab tests, ED visits, medications, ultrasounds imaging, delivery of the baby, and postpartum care.

To find MCO-specific information, please navigate to the relevant MCO organization below.