Social and Health Needs

It matters where your patients live, work, and play. Good health outcomes start in the communities where your patients live. Our goal is to help you improve your patients’ health by:

C= Connecting them with community resources (like food pantries and housing help);

A= Acting for better health by teaching them about their care needs;

R= Reducing stigma by showing compassion to others and taking time to think about your actions and thoughts about yourself and others; and

E= Empowering yourself and others. Take the time to listen to your patients. Treating them with kindness and support can help them take the steps they need for better health and supporting them on their journeys to better health

To Learn more about the 2020 CARE Survey Results read our: Social Conditions and Health Needs Report

Health Disparities Information

The National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities created a Language Access Portal (LAP). The LAP contains information, in multiple languages, for six disease areas (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and more) where major health disparities have been identified in non-English speaking populations. To learn more: