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TSAC Mission Statement, Vision Statement,and Corporate Philosophy

The TSAC Board of Directors has endorsed the following:

Mission Statement

Provide financial assistance for post-secondary educational opportunities to Tennessee residents and other students who have established eligibility in accordance with program guidelines.

Vision Statement

As a financial aid provider, TSAC strives to be totally accessible and positively responsive to our customers: students, parents, counselors, and financial aid professionals.

As a guaranty agency, TSAC strives to always emphasize responsible borrowing and repayment and to maintain a dedicated effort to work with student borrowers to avert defaults.

Corporate Philosophy

All employees at TSAC are asked to subscribe to a superior level of service and excellence. We believe that an occupation of public service is an honorable occupation. Superior service is our goal. As we work with students, parents, and our financial aid partners at high schools and higher education institutions, we believe that help is provided one telephone call, one letter, and one visit at a time. We are encouraged to take the time to listen and respond in a positive manner on every request for information and assistance.