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Student and Staff Profiles

Meet Tawana

Meet Tawana

A Tennessee Reconnect student at TCAT Nashville studying information technology

Career goals: Work in IT in the banking or finance industries

“I’ve been an entrepreneur for years. I just started in the IT program and the education here is good. I’d like to go and work in the healthcare or financial industry here. I love the dedication that TCAT Nashville puts into the courses here. They’re excellent. I recommend anyone to come to a TCAT. When I graduate, you’ll see me working in IT at a bank or at a hospital!”

Meet Adam

Meet Adam

A Tennessee Promise student at Columbia State Community College Williamson Campus from Franklin

Education and career goals: Get his associate degree in accounting, then get his bachelor’s degree, then a law degree, with the goal of becoming a sports agent

“My family moved to Florida after I graduated from Centennial High School, but Tennessee Promise was too good of a deal to pass up, so I stayed. It is paying for my college right now before I continue with school. I like being in college. I feel very independent, but my professors are still accessible.”

Meet Lindsey

Meet Lindsey

A Tennessee Reconnect student studying social work at Columbia State Williamson Campus

Career goals: Continuing and advancing her career in social work

“Now’s the time to go back to school. I graduated from high school in 2004 and now I’ve got two kids and I’m married and I’ve been in social work for a few years, but I want the education. I want it. I’m wired to work in social work and the additional education will help me in that work.”

Meet Justice

Meet Justice

A Tennessee Promise student studying welding at TCAT McKenzie from Humboldt

Career goals: Work in local industry in West Tennessee

“I like studying at TCAT McKenzie because, just like the t-shirt says ‘Small School, Big Heart”. Everybody here is just so friendly. I’ve meet a lot of new people and the teachers are great and they are teaching me what I need to know to go to work. I’ve already told my friends in Humboldt to check out the TCAT.”

Meet Michael

Meet Michael

A Tennessee Reconnect student studying automotive technology at TCAT Nashville

Career goals: Own his own automotive repair/maintenance business

“I see what it takes for a man like me to survive and keep a job. I didn’t want to work a temp job and bounce back and forth between jobs. I needed something steady with a little more income, so I took the time to start using Tennessee Reconnect. It will help me get a steady job, good pay, and live the way I want to. When I get married and have kids, I want to have something to pass down to my children. I want better for the next generation. The skills that I have so far, just being 8 months into the program, I already have people asking me to work on their cars. Eventually, I want to own my own business and keep working on cars. I came to the TCAT through Reconnect so I can better myself; if I know better and I can do better, then I live better.”


Meet Jennifer

A Tennessee Reconnect student at TCAT Nashville

Career and education goals: Chaplin in a hospital with medical training, along with additional training in a divinity program.

“The TCAT LPN program fit my schedule, fit my needs, and fit my time constraints. It was a fabulous program and came highly recommended. It will get me a job in just a year and will get me the training I need and the experience that I need. My son was injured a few years ago; I did a lot of first-hand caregiving and, in the course of that, it became very apparent that my eventual goal is to provide caregiving in a hospital setting as a hospital chaplain, patient advocate, nurse, or administrator. Having the nursing and religious training will help me to reach those goals.

The LPN program at TCAT Nashville is a very good program and quite intensive. You need to be prepared to work; they won’t waste your time. The school knows we need to get as much in during the time that we have. And Tennessee Reconnect helped cover my tuition and expenses so that I could be here. Otherwise, as a single mom trying to come back to school, it would have been too hard to do everything. Now, I will be able to move my corner of the world in a better direction and help people in difficult situations.”


Meet Alexander

A Tennessee Promise student at TCAT Hartsville studying advanced manufacturing from Lebanon

Career and education goals: Start a career in advanced manufacturing while supporting an interest in the film industry

“When I graduate, I want to find a job and make some money that will support me while I pursue my goal of eventually working in the film industry. So I’m getting my foundation here, so that I can still work and support myself while I pursue my long-term goals. The TCAT is providing the foundation for the rest of my career. My instructors are wonderful and we’re learning on machinery. We mix classroom instruction with hands-on learning.“