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Drive to 55 Snapshot

Tracking Tennessee's progress toward the Drive to 55 is an important tool in ensuring the state reaches the goal. The Drive to 55 Snapshot breaks down the different indicators that demonstrate the state's progress toward the goal of 55 percent of Tennesseans with a degree or credential by 2025. THEC will update the Drive to 55 Snapshot at least annually as new information becomes available on each indicator.

Each indicator relates to an important step in reaching the Drive to 55 and includes specific metrics within that indicator. The metrics are used to identify areas where there are challenges and opportunities in path to the Drive to 55 and where resources can be focused to address needs demonstrated through the data.

Click on any of the sections below to view specific data related to the metrics identified under each respective indicator.

Drive to 55 Snapshot
Bridging High School and College
Student Progress
Graduate Outcomes
Workforce Development