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Contact the TWRA

General Information

General questions such as: license questions, boat registration questions, animal identification, etc.... should be sent to:


TWRA Regions

 For general information regarding different regions, the following numbers may be called weekdays between the hours of of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m, local time.

If you have questions or concerns that need to be addressed, call the Regional Offices below to speak to staff or Wildlife Officers in the area in which you live.

Calls to Wildlife Officers will be directed through the office's radio dispatch, which is manned from 7:00 a.m.- midnight, seven days a week, and can contact an officer and have them call you.

The TWRA does not publish the phone numbers of its employees.

Regional Contact Information

TWRA Region 1 Office

200 Lowell Thomas Drive
Jackson, TN 38301

Phone: 731-423-5725
Toll Free: 1-800-372-3928
Fax: 731-423-6483

E-mail the office
Get driving directions

Regional Manager

Alan Peterson


Law Enforcement Major

Brian Thompson


Wildlife Program Manager

Jim Hamlington


Fishery Program Manager

Tim Broadbent


Law Enforcement

LT  William Morris

Law Enforcement District 11

Captain Buddy Brien

Law Enforcement District 12

Captain Brian Elkins

Information and Education Coordinator

Amy Snider-Spencer

Wildlife Education Coordinator

Lance Rider

Hunter Education Coordinator

Steve Henderson

Big Game Biologist and Hog Permits

Daniel Stanfield

Waterfowl Biologist

Dan Fuqua

Non-Game & Small Game Biologist

Rob Colvin

Reelfoot Lake, Watershed Lakes, and NW WMA’s

Paul Brown

Wetlands, Surveyors, and SW WMA’s

Robert Smith

Aquatic Habitat Protection Biologist

Allen Pyburn

Environmental Biologist

Casey Parker

TWRA Region 2 Office

Ellington Agricultural Center
5107 Edmonson Pike
Nashville, TN 37204

Phone: 615-781-6622
Toll Free: 1-800-624-7406
Fax: 615-831-9995

E-mail the office
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Title Contact  
Regional Manager Tim Cleveland
(615) 781-6625
Region 2 Law Enforcement Manager Mitch Bailey
(615) 781-5108
Region 2 Wildlife Program Manager Richard Kirk
(615) 837-6020
Region 2 Fishery Program Manager Todd St. John
(615) 781-6630
Information and Education Coordinator Barry Cross  
Hunter Education Coordinator John Parks  
District Wildlife Biologist
(northern Middle Tennessee)
Russ Skoglund  
District Wildlife Biologist
(southern Middle Tennessee)
Tabitha Lavacot  
Watchable Wildlife Biologist Josh Campbell  
Watchable Wildlife and Waterfowl Biologist Polly Rooker  
Fishery Biologist
(Cheatham, Old Hickory, Percy Priest)
Lyle Mason  
Fishery Biologist
(Woods, Tims Ford, Normandy)
Todd St. John  
Streams Biologist Jim Pipas  
Aquatic Habitat Protection Biologist David Sims  
Regional Lt. Andy Rush  
Captain 21 Dale Grandstaff  
Captain 22 Jeff Skelton  

TWRA Region 3 Office

464 Industrial Blvd.
Crossville, TN 38555

Phone: 931-484-9571
Toll Free: 1-833-402-4698
Fax: 931-456-1025

E-mail the office
Get driving directions

Responsibility Name Phone
Regional Manager John Mayer 931-456-3059
Boating/Hunter Education/
Boat Access Areas/Ramps/
Matt Clarey 931-456-3067
Dispatcher/TAC Kim Raby 931-456-3083
Dispatcher Ronnie Riddle 931-456-3083
Dispatcher Josh Denson 931-456-3083
Dispatcher - part time Kelsey Matthews 931-456-3083
Law Enforcement Manager MJR. Thomas Jaynes 931-456-3078
Law Enforcement Coordinator Lt. Joey Wray 931-456-3080
District 31 Supervisor Capt. Roy Cannon 931-456-3076
District 32 Supervisor Capt. Joe Busch 931-456-3070
Regional Fisheries Manager Mark Thurman 931-456-3074
Reservoirs / Fish Culture / Creel Mike Jolley 931-456-3075
Streams / Rivers /Trout Travis Scott 931-456-3055
Aquatic Habitat Protection Bobby Brown 931-456-3066
East TN TDOT Liaison Vincent Pontello 931-456-3079
Information / Education
(I & E)
Mime Barnes 931-456-3068
Customer Service/Uniforms Paula Brown 931-456-3072
Customer Service / I&E Cara Dishman 931-456-3057
Hunter / Boating Education Brenda York 931-456-3060
Purchasing / Accounts Diana Layton 931-456-3081
Admin. Secretary / Inventory Assistant Marcie Green 931-456-3071
Admin. Secretary / Payroll / Admin. Support Deborah Hood 931-456-3058
Regional Wildlife Manager Kirk Miles 931-456-3064
Bear / Deer / Elk /
Turkey / Wild Hog / Waterfowl / Oak Ridge WMA
Ben Layton 931-456-3061
Small Game / Furbear / CITES / 
Private Lands / Misc. WMA's
Wally Akins 931-456-3056
WMA's Marc Lipner 931-456-3069
Nongame / SWAP / Bat / 
Mammals / Animal Damage Control / Falconry / 
WL Rehab / Scientific Collection Permits / Rabies
Chris Simpson 931-456-3077

TWRA Region 4 Office

3030 Wildlife Way
Morristown, TN 37814

Phone: 423-587-7037
Toll Free: 1-800-332-0900
Fax: 423-587-7051

E-mail the office
Get driving directions

Division Responsibility Name Phone
Administrative Regional Manager John Gregory (423) 587-7037
Law Enforcement Law Enforcement Program Manager Brian Ripley (423) 522-2456
  District 41 Captain Willard Perryman (423) 522-2457
  District 42 Captain Tim Sain (423) 522-2453
  Hunter and Boating Safety Education/Training/Access Areas Tommy Whitehead (423) 522-2452
  Law Enforcement Coordinator Shelley Hammonds (423) 522-2455
  Dispatcher Amber Ellison (423) 587-7037
  Dispatcher Richard Singleton (423) 587-7037
  Dispatcher Emily Hartnagel (423) 587-7037
  Dispatcher - part time Shawn Lindsay (423) 587-7037
  Dispatcher- part time Johnathan Ricker (423 ) 587-7037
Fisheries  Fisheries Program Manager Bart Carter (423) 522-2462
  Reservoirs John Hammonds (423) 587-7037
  Streams/Rivers/Trout Rick Bivens (423) 522-2460
  Wild Trout Jim Habera (423) 522-2459
  Aquatic Habitat/Ponds Rob Lindbom (423) 522-2465
Wildlife Wildlife Program Manager John Mike (423) 522-2450
  Deer/Waterfowl/Bear/ Dan Gibbs (423) 522-2447
Turkey/Small Game
  Conservation Scott Dykes (423) 522-2448
  Elk Restoration Steve Bennett (423) 587-7037
ext. 195
  Wildlife Management Areas Danny Akins (423) 522-2451
Information Information/Education (I & E) Matthew Cameron (423) 522-2449
Support Staff Customer Service Christina Owens (423) 522-2438
  Customer Service Becky Hensley (423) 522-2442
  Hunter/Boating Education Judy Adkins (423) 522-2437
  Purchasing/Accounts Dorothy Necessary (423) 522-2470
  Admin. Secretary Jackie Hale (423) 522-2439
  Payroll/Admin. Support Sheila Dalton (423) 522-2440
Custodial Building Maintenance John Goodman (423) 522-2464

TWRA Important Departments




License Section & Agency Sales



Wildlife & Forestry Division



Hunter Education



Fisheries Division



Law Enforcement Division
(if you need to talk to someone about a specific area,
call one of the Regional Offices, above)



General Boating Questions



Boat Registration



Boating Registration & HIN Issues



Geographic Information System



General Information



Tennessee Wildlife Magazine



TDD (Telecommunications for the Deaf)



Poaching Hotlines

Telephone numbers for reporting poachers are as follows:

West Tennessee (Region 1) - 1-800-831-1173
Middle Tennessee (Region 2) - 1-800-255-8972
Cumberland Plateau (Region 3) - 1-833-402-4699
East Tennessee (Region 4) - 1-800-831-1174

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) offers a reward up to $1,000.00 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of wildlife poachers.

Individuals with information about poachers or poaching activities can contact the TWRA by calling one of the regional offices from 7:00 a.m. until 12:00 midnight, seven days a week.

In addition to the reward offered by the TWRA, the Tennessee State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation offers up to a $300.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of individuals poaching wild turkeys.

Information such as the individual's name or description, vehicle tag number or description, nature of the offense and location of the offence greatly assists the TWRA in apprehending wildlife poachers. All information received by TWRA is kept in the strictest confidence.

Complaints OR Compliments on TWRA AGENCY EMPLOYEES ONLY

**Please follow the below instructions for compliment:

Submit an e-mail to:

or mail a letter to:

Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Boating and Law Enforcement Division - Compliments
P.O. Box 40747
Nashville, TN 37204

**Please follow the below instructions for filing a complaint:

Download and complete the Complaint against Agency Employee form (WR-1133) and send it as an attachment to

The form you need is available at all TWRA regional offices, by mail, or online at the link above. To receive a form by mail, please call your regional office and one will be mailed to you.

Public Policy Request

Open Records Act - Public Records Request ONLY
The Agency will provide existing records, that are subject to disclosure, pursuant to the Open Records Act in response to such record requests. The Agency is not required by the Act to create records in response to any request, including but not limited to summaries, spreadsheets, etc.

TWRA Public Records Policy