TWRA Weekly Fishing Forecast

NOTE - The TWRA wants to build a comprehensive report each week of the state’s lakes. If you do not see a report for your favorite lake and you are someone who can provide a report, please contact us at and provide us with your contact information.

Cherokee Lake

Forecast Contributor - Hunter Sales

The fishing on Cherokee Lake has been very good over the past week. The water temperature has crept over 70 degrees and the fish are mostly post spawn.

Post-spawn smallmouth fishing can be some of the best fishing Cherokee Lake has to offer. Baits such as a small swimbait and a drop-shot are the primary techniques. Fishing both of these baits on the bottom around steep drop-offs and points can be very successful. In addition, there is a good shallow bite to be had for the next few weeks. Top-water baits such as a popper and spook will excel fished around areas where the shad will spawn such as riprap, natural rock, or wood cover. The area around 25e has still proven to be the most productive this year.

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Hunter Sales

Head Coach - C-N Eagle Anglers



Forecast Contributor Hensley Powell - - Follow on Facebook


The ledges are filling up with fish. There’s more and more bass coming out there. They started coming out around two weeks ago and they’re healing up after the spawn and feeding really well. It’s wide open on ledges right now. Once you get on them and get them fired up it’s every cast.


Cordell Hull

Forecast Contributor – Brandon Ragland – TWRA Region III Creel Clerk

Reservoir Conditions: Water temperatures are in the low 50’s from Roaring River to the state line and they are in the mid 50’s up to near 60 in the back of major creeks. Water levels are around 503.7’.

Sauger: Some fish are being caught while trolling in the river with crankbaits.

Walleye: Walleye are spawning right now in the upper portion of the river. Since walleye are closely related to the sauger, anglers are possibly catching walleye in the same areas that they are fishing for sauger. Try casting crankbaits and troll behind the boat in the main river around Roaring River upstream.

Crappie: Water temperatures have cooled off. Crappie may have pulled away from the shallow water. If we can get some consistent warmer days, crappie will pull back up in the shallow water. Crappie jigs and fishing with live minnows are some baits that will help you be successful.

Bass: Bass are being caught in the creek channels and points while slow rolling spinnerbaits, jerk baits, and crankbaits. As the days get warmer, bass will begin to move to shallower water.

Striped Bass: Fish are being caught in the major creeks from Roaring River downstream to the dam. Down rigging or planner boards while using skipjack or shad are good baits to use.

White Bass: White bass are making their spawning run up the creeks. Concentrate on fishing around the mouths of creeks using a jib or silver buddy.


Douglas Lake

Forecast Contributor Brad Burkhart –  Follow on Facebook

I’ve got two words for you …… Shad Spawn! 

It is so easy to go out and have fun on Douglas Lake right now. The shad are spawning on the upper end of the lake and boy! Is the fishing great. Stick to the section of I40 to Walters Bridge and concentrate on the creeks and pockets with bushes/wood mix. Dirty water makes it better and will put the bass tight to the cover. Baits I’m using now with clients to consistently get but are a Killer Bass Baits char/white spinnerbait. A white chatter bait and also a Killer Bass Baits glimmer blue swim jig. Good luck y’all and God Bless.  See you on the water. 

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Message me if you’d like to book a guide trip, summer trips are filling up. 

Brad Burkhart



Kentucky Lake

Forecast Contributor Tristan McCormick – Follow on Facebook

Fishing has been great. Still can catch fish shallow flipping wood. Some fish are starting to move out as the water gets warm. Deeper creek channel turns points of creeks. Dragging a big worm and also a jig. Happy fishing!



Forecast Contributor Captain Jake Davis - - Follow on Facebook

Bass can be around grass lines and upriver; best result came on rattle baits, jerk baits, and Jigs with primary colors Green Tequila with green pumpkin trailers and Swim jigs around grass and the first primary river channel ledge areas. Some have moved to the ledges already. Water temperatures range from 70 to 74 degrees.  Some good action can be found just below the Nickajack Dam working live bait and spoons in the current…just wear your life vest

Forecast Contributor – Josh Bean – TWRA Region III Creel Clerk

Fishing is fair on Nickajack at the moment. Fish are starting to transition away from spawning areas. Water Temp – Varies from Mid 60’s to touching 73 in some coves. 

Lake Elevation – 634’

Bass - On the upper end of the reservoir bass anglers have been focusing on current breaks near deep water (e.g., tributary mouths, pockets, and points on the downstream end of islands) with jigs, finesse lures, crankbaits, and swimbaits.  On the lower end of the reservoir anglers have been targeting bass Shallow with jigs, whacky rigs, and shaky heads on brush, points, and some fish are being caught while sight fishing beds. 

Crappie - A few anglers have been catching crappie with jigs and trolling around flats and creek channels.

Catfish - Anglers can be successful targeting catfish reservoir wide using live or cut bait.


Normandy Lake

Forecast Contributor Captain Jake Davis - - Follow on Facebook

Flipping wood along the pee gravel flats or chunk rock areas with creature baits and finesse worms produced the winning stringers last weekend. We found several really nice bass using Carolina rigs, Tightline Jigs Swim Jigs and a few on buzz baits this past week.  Targeting back end of pockets and pee gravel flats with a Zara Spooks as well.  Walleye can be caught trolling crankbaits or drifting minnows/crawler harnesses on flats and in the river.  I’m being told the Crappie slowed up, but you can still catch them around brush in the river in 6 to 10 foot of water.  Water temperatures range from 71 to 75.5 degrees.


Percy Priest

Forecast Contributor Brian Carper - - Follow On Facebook


The bass and crappie have been aggressively moving out deeper. The bass are starting to concentrate on deeper points and ledges in 8 to 12ft of water. Deep diving crankbaits and plastic worms have been productive. There are still quality bass being caught in 1 to 4 feet of water on rattle traps, spinnerbaits, and topwater lures. With the 90° temperatures setting in this week more fish will move out deeper. Offshore is definitely where you want to be scouting, looking for quality bass. The crappie are starting to school heavily in 10 to 20ft mid lake. Brush piles that were empty last week are now holding 6 to 20 crappie every other tree! Live bait fish vertically above the structure along with casting 1/8oz jigs over top of the brush piles have both been very productive. Chartreuse /red and pearl/chartreuse has been productive colors.

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Forecast Contributor Tyler Finley – Follow on Facebook

The ledge bite has gotten even better these past couple of days. There are still fish shallow, but the majority are in the 10-15ft range. They can be targeted on a Carolina rig and football jig. They are hanging around secondary creek channel drops. The shallow fish are still around balls of Shad or Shad spawns. They can be caught on topwater or white chatter baits. This is a great time of year to just go fishing. Goodluck!


Tims Ford

Forecast Contributor Captain Jake DavisFollow on Facebook

The lake level of 888.26 and temperatures are 71.5 to 76.5 degrees. With the Shad Spawn grew across the lake this past week.  The best fishing is early morning (First Light) long the shoreline and at night.  We are still catching Largemouth and Smallmouth around spawning flats but and back of pockets, but they are starting to spread out.  We are using Tightline Swim Jigs with Driftwood Swimbaits to target feeding fish during the shad spawn.  Spinnerbaits, Ned rigs, Carolina Rigged creature baits, Tightline Mussel Crawler jigs tipped with Twin Tail grubs produced some good fish and topwater action has started.  Crappie some have moved back to their summer deep water brush piles, lots of them are still in the creeks on brush piles, and treetops. I’ve had some reports of good top water action at night for Hybrid Stripe and Walleye on the lower end around the dam.  For Crappie the best results are with minnows and Bobby Garland crappie jigs.  Stripe and rock fish are starting to school and can be found off points, on river channel bends with bucktail jigs, swimbaits, and live bait.  

Watts Bar

Forecast Contributor Captain Wallace Sitzes – Follow on Facebook


The fishing has been excellent lately despite the lack of water flow. Multiple species are gorging on all the frye minnows hatching.  The afternoon bite has been good, but the night bite has been even better.  

I've found that a lot of the bass that bedded deeper have already spawned and moved off beds while there are still some bass in the shallows on beds. Most of these bass in the shallows are smaller largemouth and they are very aggressive. 

The bluegill and shellcracker have been moving on and off beds in waves as they usually do. Catching them couldn't be easier right now.

The crappie fishing has been pretty good during the day but on fire at night.  I'm targeting lights along docks, bridges, and boat ramps.  They draw in the frye minnows and multiple species are feeding on them.  Suspending submersible lights over structure has also been very productive for big slab crappie the past couple weeks. On a good night we're getting hit on almost every cast using small jigs. Another good method is using a 12-foot jig pole and just dipping the jig in the water.

I'm seeing and catching a lot of striper from sundown until about 11 pm.  Topwater lures and big live skipjack have been working great. 


Woods Reservoir

Forecast Contributor Captain Jake Davis – Follow On Facebook

Bass, Catfish, Bluegill and Crappie are feeding along the shorelines early morning.   Some good fish can be found along the channel swings. We found our better fish on grass lines outside and along spawning areas using soft plastics, spinnerbaits, and poppers.   A Carolina rig is always a good go to on Woods… Drifting/trolling with spider rigs for Crappie is picking up some nice slabs but you have to weed through the short fish. Water temperatures range from 71 to 76 degrees.