WMA Field Leases


The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency announces the intention to award a Revenue lease(s) on agricultural parcels in Maury County TN, on Yanahli WMA, for a term of 5 year(s).  Starting January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2027.

The agricultural areas to be leased consist of (1,420.64) acres with the majority in row crop.

Bids will be accepted from (August 8, 2022) to (September 6, 2022).

Submitted bids will be opened at (10:00 am CST) on (September 7, 2022) at Yanahli WMA work base at 1026 Old Lewisburg Hwy, Columbia, TN.

To receive an invitation to bid or for more information on this leasing program, call Tommy Edwards, Area Manager, at 615-440-2028.