Workplace Regulations & Compliance

The Division of Workplace Regulations and Compliance (WRC) oversees a diverse set of programs including: Amusement Device Unit, Boiler Unit, Elevator Unit, Labor Standards Unit, and Mine Safety Unit.

The objectives of these compliance programs are to protect employees and keep the public safe by ensuring that unsafe conditions and potential hazards involved in the operation of boilers, elevators, and amusement devices are abated.

The Labor Standards Unit enforces the Child Labor Act, the Non-Smoker Protection Act, the Illegal Alien Employment Act, Tennessee Lawful Employment Act, Wage Regulations Act, and the Prevailing Wage Act.  Also, WRC conducts training for the employers on the requirements of these labor laws as to their responsibilities when hiring and employing workers.

The Mine Safety Unit provides federal and state mandated health and safety training to workers in coal mines, metal mines, sand and gravel pits, and crushed stone quarries; issues mine foreman certifications; and licenses coal/metal mines (surface and underground) to operate.

Amusement Device Unit

The Amusement Device Unit mitigates risks related to the operation of fixed and portable rides, zip lines, inflatable objects, and bumper cars.

Boiler Unit

The responsibility of the Boiler Unit is to protect Tennessee’s citizens from potential hazards involved in the operation of boilers and pressure vessels.  The three categories of commercial (business, industry, etc.) vessels inspected in Tennessee are high pressure, low pressure, and unfired vessels.

Elevator Unit

The Elevator Unit inspects – every six months – all workplace conveyance devices such as passenger and freight elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, moving walks, ski lifts, sky lifts, and aerial trams.

Labor Standards Unit

The Labor Standards Unit enforces six (6) labor laws (Child Labor Act, Wage Regulations Act, Prevailing Wage Act, Illegal Alien Act, Tennessee Lawful Employment Act, and the Non-Smoker Protection Act).

Mine Safety Unit

The Mine Safety Unit provides health and safety training classes for underground and surface miners, issues mine foreman certifications, and grants operating licenses to coal/metal mines (surface and underground).