Certified Physician Program

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All parties in a workers’ compensation claim can benefit from the practices taught to physicians in this program. 


  • Find physicians easier 
  • Lower claims costs with better trained physicians
  • A shared focus on return to work

Injured Workers

  • A quicker return to work
  • Better access to healthcare 
  • Better medical outcomes lower instances of disability 


  • Better medical outcomes
  • Expanded practice
  • Enhanced fees
  • Learn best practices

Accredited Physicians List 

The physicians that will be listed here will have met the criteria and be recognized by the Tennessee Bureau of Workers' Compensation as certified physicians. Thank you for your efforts in returning injured workers back to work.

Physician Support

Approved Medical Impairment Rating Training

For appointments to the (MIR) Registry or the Certified Physician Program (CPP) Registry, we require training in the AMA GuidesTM to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Sixth Edition. Training may be from either the Bureau or an approved vendor. The Bureau will not be offering AMA GuidesTM training in 2022.