RTW Coordinator Training

A six-part series designed for Tennessee employers
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The Employer Training Program is free online training program. It brings together professionals to discuss best-practices to coordinate a meaningful return to work after a work-injury. This training is a part of the Bureau’s REWARD program. It covers six different aspects of the return-to-work journey that benefit both employers and their workers.

A Return-To-Work Program is Smart Business 

According to a 2018 National Council on Compensation Insurance study, the direct cost to employers for an employee injury averages $41,000 per claim. Indirect costs such as overtime, training temporary or replacement employees, and lost productivity are often greater than the direct costs. A return-to-work plan can reduce the costs involved with a workplace accident, which can amount to tens of thousands of dollars for a Tennessee business. 

Rethink Existing Procedures or Start Anew 

An employer can have a REWARD program led by one person or a team approach. The training provides tools and expertise to safety managers, human resources professionals, risk managers, or other persons to find modified work opportunities and to encourage injured workers as they recover. 

Training Content 

Workers’ Compensation 101

Learn about employer and employee rights in workers’ compensation, the value of return-to-work advocacy, and the Bureau’s role in workers’ compensation. This course is taught by BWC personnel.

The Role of a Return to Work Coordinator

Join vocational experts and/or case managers as they identify the key tasks and responsibilities of a return-to-work coordinator. These experienced professionals will detail the best practices and activities they’ve seen work throughout their careers. 

Working with Physicians: Pre-injury and Post-injury

Relationships and shared expectations with physicians before and after a work injury improve the return-to-work process. Join a licensed physician and workers’ compensation expert as he discusses tips, techniques, and best practices for getting the most out of your physician relationships. 

Job Demand Analysis

Job analysis experts will explain how they identify job tasks, job demands, and essential and marginal functions of jobs. They will explore the value of job analysis in return-to-work rather than a job description. 

Legal Issues Outside Workers’ Compensation

Employers are subject to many state and federal regulations that affect their relationships with employees. Join attorneys experienced in employment law such as FMLA and the ADA as they discuss how these laws interact with workers’ compensation and return-to-work. 

Effective Communication

The Bureau’s mediation director will share tips, techniques, and methods mediators use to positively influence and persuade, build credibility and trust, listen, obtain commitment, engage strong emotions, and lead change. 

Variety of Presenters 

The BWC training program utilizes expertise from vocational rehabilitation, case management, physical therapy, employers, medical providers, legal professionals, and state government to provide a comprehensive training experience.  

Join a Community 

This program includes a platform to connect with other professionals from across the state to share best practices, ask questions, and grow during the sessions and continues after the course is over. 

Designed to Fit Your Schedule 

The six training sessions are spread out over three months to better fit into busy schedules. All sessions are delivered virtually at this time. 

Additional offerings of this course will be announced at a later date. 

Register for Training

Employers interested in return-to-work can enroll their employees in the BWC’s free REWARD training by emailing Marion White at marion.white@tn.gov or calling (615) 253-1204. 


Free. We offer these free to employers to reach as many interested employers as possible.

No. The course is for everyone for experienced professionals and those who are just starting out. Although we hope you’ll join our REWARD program as you develop your own return to work plan.

No. We understand you are busy and life gets in the way. We think the course content will keep you coming back. 

We hope to provide future courses. Space is limited and there may be charges in the future.

We hope this course can build a group of industry professionals who can help each other. We plan to have future lunch and learn opportunities.

Still have a question? Contact Marion.White@tn.gov.

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